Knife Sharpening in Winnipeg -- All knives and blades are sharpened by hand using water stones, fine abrasives, and leather.

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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  To maintain privacy, I only post the initials of the reviewer.  If you would like to submit a review please email me with Review in the subject line. Please include the type of blade that was sharpened as well.

It was a wonderful experience to have so smooth and so close shave with the Boker I got today after your honing.  Even the pass against the grain was smooth and easy.

D.B., Straight Razor

Wonderful work on the knives! Fortunately just one finger slice so far!

M.W., Kitchen knives

Francesco is equally skilled at blade restoration as he is with customer service. He took extra time (unfettered by time restraints) to explain what he did, how he did it, and how to properly sharpen your blade using a steel. I can't recommend this company enough. It is exceptionally clear that Zurzolo was started out of a love for the craft and it shows in the end results. Thank you Francesco!

A.H., Kitchen knives

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work and turnaround time on the knives I dropped off. It's nice to see someone that takes pride in their work.

M.F., Hunting/Tactical knives

Fantastic job, Francesco. I'm very happy with the job you did. . . and I’ll be sure to refer my friends your way.

J.K., Kitchen knives

Used the knives this evening and they were wonderfully sharp.  Thanks very much.

M.L., Kitchen knives

The knives are incredibly sharp, wow!

M.R., Catering kitchen

I brought my antique Sheffield carbon steel blade to Francesco and in an hour I came back and it was sharper then it had ever been as long as I've owned it. I keep that knife on my belt and use it several times a day on everything: rope, plastics, animal hides, textiles, you name it, and after over two weeks it's still as sharp as when I got it back. Francesco can put an amazing edge on a blade. I'm happy to get my knives sharpened by someone who's doing it as a passion rather than taking it to some out-of-the-way store where the employee is only doing it for a paycheque.

G.B., Hunting/Tactical Knife

A nice big thumb’s up!

M.Y., Plane Iron Sharpening

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