Basic Sharpening:  Blades are sharpened and polished by hand to a 16 micron finish using synthetic waterstones; prices are approximate and do not include repairs or restoration.

For commercial kitchen pricing, see this page.

German and Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives:

     $5 small knives; $10 large knives (6” or longer)

Serrated Knives:

      $5 small knives; $10 large knives

Double Bevel, Japanese Knives

(Stainless or High Carbon Steel):

      $7 small knives; $13 large knives

Single Bevel, Japanese Knives:

      $20+ Usuba, Deba; $25+ Yanagiba (7 micron finish)


Repairs: prices shown are approximate and may change based on the extent of damage to the blade and type of blade.

Blade Chips:

    add $5 - $8 per knife

Broken Tip / Heel Regrind:

    add $5 - $10 per knife

Blade Thinning / Re-profile:

    add $5 - $10 per knife

Total Knife Restoration:

    $40+ includes blade and tip repair, sharpening, polishing, spine repair, heel regrind, etc.

Sharpening Services and Prices

Knife Sharpening in Winnipeg -- All knives and blades are sharpened by hand using water stones, fine abrasives, and leather.

Zurzolo Blade Works



Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Other Items:  Blades are sharpened and honed by hand to a high polish (1 micron or finer) using synthetic waterstones and fine abrasives; price does not include repairs or restoration.

Straight Razors:

    $20+ per blade (see straight razor page).

Hand Plane Blades:

    $10+ per plane iron (0.5 micron final polish).

Chisels and Gouges:

    $5+ depending on size and profile (0.5 micron final polish).

Hunting Knives:

    $10+ depending on blade length (1 micron final polish).

Tactical Knives:

    $10+ depending on blade length and steel type (1 micron final polish). Sharpening serrations may be extra and is not possible on some knives.

Pet Grooming Scissors:

    $20 per pair of shears(1 micron final polish).


Hair Cutting Scissors:

    $25 per pair (0.5 micron final polish).

If you have anything else that needs sharpening or if you would like to discuss specific projects please contact us.

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