Due to the high volume of straight razors we receive, we have provided some extra information to help you understand what your razor might need in terms of work, and some approximate costs.

Basic Honing:  If you have recently shaved with your razor but it’s not as smooth as you’d like, a basic honing will bring it back to that silky sharp finish. 

Also suitable for new razors purchased as “Shave Ready” - They never are.

Minor bevel corrections can be made at this stage. Razor is finished, stropped, and ready to shave.

Basic Honing Price:  $20 per razor .

Edge Repair:  If the bevel of the razor is uneven, pitted, chipped, but there is no evidence of spine warp, the edge can likely be repaired. 

Repair may require significant removal of steel from the razor.  Wherever possible, care is taken to preserve the aesthetic and detail of the razor.

Razor is finished, stropped and ready to shave.

Edge Repair Price:  $35+ per razor .

Straight Razor Restoration:  Where there is significant damage or corrosion to the razor but it appears salvageable (not always the case) the razor can be restored. 

The restoration process will remove all etching from the razor however engraving can usually be preserved.

Razor is finished, stropped and ready to shave.

Restoration Price:  $50+ per razor .


Straight Razor Honing and Restoration

Straight Razor Honing and Restoration -- Restored Straight Razor Sales.

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